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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Descendants of Cush, secret brothers on opposite fake enemy fronts.


    From the Italian anti-scriptural blog of Giacinto Butindaro "Chi ha gli orecchi per udire, oda" or "The one who has ears to hear, let him hear" we have probably the key to understand the SJ Bergoglio's hidden hand sign. All that should rely on the old anti-scriptural tradition of the Mystery Religion, the true religion of the Roman Catholicism whose open, public image is the Masonic, free or not, ritual and philosophic concept.

    If you hold the true key with which to observe this chaos of "secrets" always revealed with a theatrical, coreographed exhibition, you immediately understand the trick they are playing to you. Their religion is perceivable in that red thread which unites both the "cursed masons" and their "very much Crhistian" [Roman] and to-the-bone 'opponents'.

     All the pagan systems of the world have been built on the obsession of the spiritual descendants of Cush, Nimrod and Semiramis; obsessed to destroy the Word of God whose custody was assigned to the ones who respected the Covenant of the Lord with Noah and his sons immediately after the Flood. At the feet of Babel and then Babylon soon the counter-attack of Satan began. The religious pagan system are all a recall to the Old Testament, and especially to the Flood. But the element of the patriarch's tradition are elaborated in order to destroy their godly significance (and this quality make them pagan, occultist, exoteric, 'masonic'), reversing the religious sign of them. The invocation of the name of God YHW in the rituals of the masonry doesn't reveal the true meaning of YHW, but the true goals of the ones who picked up the name and linked it with with satanic rituals:

     Obvious that is the same Empire of Rome to want the demolition of the old scriptural Covenant in order to build, or to buy, or to grasp another one for the proper legitimation. Roman Catholicism  is the true spiritual (and also artistic) prompter for the creation of the Masonic  ("free" or not) folklore.

    The trick which has been for the first time elaborated at the time of the Babel's tower consists in to present the ones infiltrated (persecuted) by the satanic Mystery religion as the ones pushing for it. The above image of SJ Bergoglio with masonic hidden hand is linked in the text below his image with the Bible verse, Exodus 4:6:

 And the Lord said furthermore unto him, Put now thine hand into thy bosom. And he put his hand into his bosom: and when he took it out, behold, his hand was leprous as snow.

[From KJV Bible,  http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Exodus+4-6&version=KJV ]

     The operative methods of the Mystery religion are now clear under our eyes: take pieces of the precious tradition of the Patriarchs and later, transform them destroying their significance in order to drag hate towards the same tradition and/or to confuse people on the message of the Lord and the significance of history.

    A clear evidence that the the opposites (in this case both SJ Bergoglio and the blog who accuses him to be a Mason) are only  apparently enemies but secretely brothers comes from the undisputable religious line of the blog, where the Jews are accused to be "very powerful" and therefore implicitly (Mystery religion!) presented as the alleged masters of the new pope:



 La potentissima Massoneria ebraica dà il benvenuto a Francesco I

.....or :

 The powerful Jewish Freemasonry welcomes Francis I

at:  http://giacintobutindaro.org/2013/03/16/la-potentissima-massoneria-ebraica-da-il-benvenuto-a-francesco-i/

     But this is a beatiful Christian proof just just of the opposite: those Jews and their B'nai B'rit are everything but 'powerul';  otherwise the Jesuit order together with the Vatican today would have been un-masked - and at least since the Nuremberg trial - as the true mastermind of the WWI, WWII and the Holocaust. 

     Those kippahs exhibited there betrays only one thing: the incommensurable obsession of the Society of "Jesus" for the theatrical manipulation of her exterior image and her endless fear to appear publicly for what she really is, the true mastermind of the New World Order born in the Babel of their Satanic ancestors, Cush & Sons corp.

    In that picture I see only the Joseph Flavius of today, the court Jews of the Roman Emperor who, like dancers and dwarfs of the well know memory of Bettino Craxi, are betraying the very serious consign the Lord gave to their Fathers, from Noah to Abraham, and are trying to sell to the Roman Emperor, SJ Bergoglio or Francis One, the Covenant the Lord  did with their truly godly ancestors.  Because Rome needs of a blessing, a 'signature'  from the Lord to her filthy design of world domination. Isn't the same Roman Catholicism an empious Babel's tower built with the falsity of the pagan altars, hiddeen by images of false Christs,  a tower of lies and sins built in order to reach the God's feet and to try to pull away from Him a blessing for their empire?

     As Joseph Flavius was the Roman emperor's Jew, are we sure that were the Jews the true creator of those allegorical and offensive images of the Patriarch's tradition named  "Jupiter", "Saturn",  "Venus"? 

     Evidently the Joseph Flavius are still present today, and sold the memory and betrayed the Covenant with the Lord for a Pact with Semiramis in Rome, the same Semiramis who persecuted them:

[Italian text in the original source, by...

"........This makes reading quite creepy. But it pales next to what happened later in the nineteenth century, when the Church was politically emasculated by the new Italian state and felt besieged by the forces of "modernity." Perhaps to strengthen his popularity with the restless working classes, she began to paint the newly emancipated Jews not only as rich and greedy capitalists, but also (with an amazing lack of logic) as a dangerous socialist, intent on destabilizing the Christian society.

This was the period in which Catholic priests distributed with enthusiasm
known fakes as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, as evidence of a Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world. And it was also the time when the Catholic press - influential newspapers such as The Catholic Civilization [magazine of the Jesuits, ed] and L'Osservatore Romano, which is widely believed reflect the views of the Pope's own - unleashed a vitriolic flood of articles against the Jews....".

sabato 16 marzo 2013

Il Segreto più Infame del Vaticano 

 The most infamous of the Vatican Secret


......in XIX century? Well, I would correct Kertzer, and to move back the beginning of the modern persecutions against Jews in the XVII century, making them to coincide with the Continuing Counter Reformation... The destiny of Jews is linked with the hunger of the Roman Empire for a 'blessing' from God, for a 'covenant' between God and the Emperor of Rome assuring to the latter the total dominion over the planet, an universal dominion... The envy for the Jewish Covenant of the Roman Emperor is the same one of the Egyptian pharaophs, the same one of the Babylonians, the same one of Nimrod and Cush who denied it [notwithstanding the Lord gave it even to them] but at the same time needed of it. When Jesus appeared on Earth to establish a new universal covenant of the Lord with mankind the death bells for Rome started to sing - also the Counter Reformation has old old old roots:

Thursday, April 11, 2013

"Jewish Question" and National-Socialism as Big Jesuit Scheme born in XVII century?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"...more Franciscan or more Jesuit?" - card. Jorge Mario Bergoglio exhibiting masonic hidden-hand sign 



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