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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"...more Franciscan or more Jesuit?" - card. Jorge Mario Bergoglio exhibiting masonic hidden-hand sign


"Wer nicht zum Herrn betet, betet zum Teufel!" (*)

 Above image: more Christian or more Masonic? For the Jesuits the problem doesn't exist.

"......The hand-in-waistcoat was a gesture commonly found in men's portraiture during the 18th and 19th centuries. Napoleon I of France was most well known for the gesture and is readily associated with this gesture because of the several portraits made by his artist, Jacques-Louis David. Theories state the gesture was done by Napoleon because of a stomach pain he had, but the pose was common in portraits from the mid-18th century.[1] The pose originates from classical times — Aeschines, founder of a rhetoric school, suggested that speaking with an arm outside one's toga was rude........". [Wikipedia]

Warning: the greatest part of sources of information where the hidden hand sign is exposed are imbued by Jesuit gnosticism, where the target are the Jews, often associated with the "Aliens". Remember that the infiltration of the Judaism by the Mistery of Babylon has been replicated in the early stage of Christendom when the same Mistery religion of Babylon - at the guise of the syphilis of Satan - infiltrated the first Christian communities, till the point to transform them in the actual Roman Catholicism. Mistery religion of Babylon pursue the revenge of Ham, Cush and Nimrod against the righteous God of Israel, then revealed by Jesus the Christ the

That masonry is only another face of the Roman Catholicism/maximum development of Mystery Babylon religion,  is brightly witnessed by the masonry where the name "Yahweh" is used in a blasphemous way in order to label rituals in honor of the decayed angel, Lucifer or Satan.

Masons will burn in Hell together with Jesuits.


 Hidden Hand of the Men of Jahbuhlun

URL: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/codex_magica/codex_magica04.htm

    Above image - the article of the Il Venerdì della Repubblica, supplement of the daily La Repubblica, n. 1306, 29 March 2013, the article by Filippo di Giacomo is entitled "La scelta di Francesco: più francescano o più gesuita?" or "the choice of Francis: more Franciscan or more Jesuit?".

 The ring of the pope comes from Trieste:

 URL: http://ilpiccolo.gelocal.it/cronaca/2013/03/19/news/papa-francesco-sceglie-l-anello-triestino-1.6723498

"..... TRIESTE. Arriving from Trieste the papal ring. With a round twisted by the secretariat of which Pope Paul VI took him through the hands of the secretary Monsignor Macchi, to those of the right arm of the bishop of Trieste, Giampaolo Crepaldi, namely Don Ettore Malnati. Pastor of Notre Dame de Sion, Malnati has a good story to tell. Also because, as mentioned in the first public outings of the new Pope, speaks in favor of its simplicity also a bit 'naive.The same that, among the many possible, led him to choose this very ring silver gilt. In specific rites for the inauguration of his pontificate, the delivery of '"Ring of the Fisherman (Peter the Apostle is by definition fisherman as a fisher of men suitable to the cause ...) was made by the Cardinal Dean, Angelo Sodaro. Symbolically, the ring features the image of St. Peter with the keys in a combination of a certain suggestion."The ring - says Malnati - was made by Henry Manfrini, and was supplied to Monsignor Macchi. When the company Senesi, which carried out this type of jewelry, has failed, then we have recovered a few things including the same ring, various crosses, medals. A little 'this envelope I kept myself in the parish. "And here the situation is cloaked in yellow. Why the parish of Zion has suffered a theft, now to the annals, during which the still mysterious predators just ignored the ring of the Pope and left him where he was. "It happened six years ago - remember Malnati - but had been stolen objects only in gold. The same police told me that they probably were the Gypsies, not known to steal silver as it is considered a harbinger of bad luck ... The ring survivor - continues Malnati - I had therefore required. Recently, when the issue was, I spoke with Bishop Crepaldi and then I put in motion, to inquire, in the first instance ... The intelligence work Malnati was not in vain. First he discovered that Paul VI was attached to that particular ring because it seems wished he had slipped on his hand after his death, although it did not happen that way. "Recently - still tells the pastor of Zion - Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re (which during the conclave of 2013, as Cardinal elector first in order and seniority, undertook the duties normally payable to the dean of the College of Cardinals ed) me said: bring me the cast. Then just the other Saturday I took the ring to the King, then the papal masters of ceremonies that have shown to Pope Francis, and he chose this. "The satisfaction of Malnati is also linked to the intrinsic message linked to the ornament. "I'm very happy - he explains - because the ring also indicates a certain continuity of style of the Council, while offering an image of simplicity and artistic beauty. When Did I delivered the King said to me: you'll see that you'll be pleased. Last night, then, after the first release of Papa Francesco phoned me: "Have you seen the Pope at Mass?" He said. It is certain that I had seen, and this choice is an honor for us all to Trieste. © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED"


(*) "Wer nicht zum Herrn betet, betet zum Teufel!":
"Whoever does not pray to the Lord, pray to the devil!"...."
"...The new Pope has called already at its presentation at the loggia of St. Peter's the (deceased) Mary in prayer (= spiritualism). Now is interesting to see that he has literally (!), in his first sermon on the day after the election, said :

"Whoever does not pray to the Lord, pray to the devil!"
 He closed the sermon at his first show with the phrase: "I wish all of us that the Holy Spirit through the intercession of the Mother of God, our Mother, give us this grace."

He proves in his own words, that he is a devil worshiper!


Der Papst verrät sich selbst

 or: The pope betrays himself

 URL:  http://fernvomlager.info/index.php/gesamte-artikel/440-der-papst-verraet-sich-selbst

The Pope reveals himself

17th March 13

The new pope is a wolf in sheep's clothing!

[Matthew 7:15]

First of all: I'm not going constantly commenting on the Pope and the Vatican me. Only ... incomprehensible to me, no one warns the new pope! I do not mean ignorant people who are not able to classify the relationships properly. No, I'm surprised that no warning (!) Christian Internet portal from this dangerous Pied Piper.

So I see it as my duty to do this in public with the means available to me! The word of God encourages you to!

"Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." Ephesians 5:11

Pope Francis has betrayed himself with his first acts for a Lore already own. Before I do that, I want to point out that Benedict XVI. inter alia in his farewell speech The following has said, "... And we ask the Holy Mother Mary to beistehe the Cardinals in the election of the new Pope with her motherly kindness." Not the mother of Jesus is here stood, but a demon, the Babylonian Semiramis, who is revered in the Roman Church.

The new Pope has called already at its launch at the loggia of St. Peter's (deceased), the Mary in prayer (= spiritualism). Now is interesting to see that he was literally in his first sermon on the day after the election, said (!)

"Whoever does not pray to the Lord, pray to the devil!"

He concluded the sermon at his first exhibition with the sentence. "I wish us all that the Holy Spirit through the intercession of the Mother of God, our Mother, grant us this grace"

He proves in his own words, that he is a devil worshiper!

What he is, in fact, here he is kneeling in front of a public that day and this icon of Mary worshiped.

As idolaters> violation of the 1st + 2. Bid and Galatians 5: 19-21,

Revelation 21:8 and 22.15 it is therefore for the lake of fire!

On Saturday he was in an audience with journalists also expressed that all non-Catholics and atheists are God's children. That is a blatant lie (!), Because according to John 1:12, only those children of God who have received the Lord Jesus Christ in the conversion in a conscious act of will in their hearts!

Instead of warning the audience by inviting them to repent, he has lulled all his sweet words. He has clearly declared as hell angels.

You never forget, he belongs to the Jesuits Horde diabolical brood that is anything but harmless, and their history is a single collection of blood.

When the Pope makes a church of the poor, then that is kind of unbelievable and hypocritical at all the muscle man, who reigns in the Vatican. But the mass of the people he buys from smooth. Why? Because humanity wants to be lied to and deceived, this one does not, but it clears up, it shall be offended you.

Of course, write the journalists (Journailien) and the media, as selfless and humble, this new bishop of Rome. The tactic is part of the Jesuits to be as profitable to sell.

In truth, this pope is a cunning serpent, which is sprayed her hell poison nor targeted to the Antichrist to prepare the way.

Significantly see through the people, because they do not read the Bible and thus do not know the will of God! Of the Church, they are not to be asked, to make sure they are not spiritually mature.

How much better it did then the believers in Berea who tested everything the apostle Paul said, if it were so. Acts 17, 11

But deceived people can make blind dummy conductor what they want. The new pope is a clear and tragic example of this!

For these pious hypocrites following applies Bible:

"For such are false apostles, deceitful workers who disguise themselves as apostles of Christ.

And that is not surprising, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.

It is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness, whose end shall be according to their works "2 Corinthians 11:. 13-15

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